Stylecraft Vision

Never thought over a year ago I would get excited about buying yarn! Seriously, yet it is so nice to have a relaxing hobby to do, a craft that I can do and fulfill and enjoy and it looks nice too, to keep, to donate, it is fun, I also ordered new hooks and they finally came today, the day I bought new yarn, GET IN!

Stylecraft dk Vision
Stylecraft DK Vision

Redcurrant 1496

Blue grass 1698 x2

Lagoon 1494

Having posted a query yesterday on a local independent yarn supplier, known as Bibelot, I popped in today for these 4 bundles of beauties, I hadn’t ever visited beyond their ground floor, so it was nice to pop up and have a good look around, I was eventually drawn to a basket of Vision DK at £2 each, they normally retail at £3.95 so saving £2 per 100g and around £3 on postage I bagged myself £8 worth of colorful yarn.

I will be back to visit the said retailer when I can afford it, don’t think it will be for a while, plenty to keep me going here.  Yet today has been busy I haven’t had a chance to link my new yarn to the existing to carry on my project.

Wow so much changed over the past 12+ months, I am still to get back into finishing off the crochet projects.  A relaxing hobby that I believe will assist with my anxiety!


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