Should’ve gone to …

Well today was the day I got my eyesight checked, oh yes, photos of my eyes front and back – that is a tad scary – then hey we can’t forget the 3 puffs of air in each eye, oh yes, so much fun, anybody watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Rachel gets her puffs of air ? yes the bit like that, I am a tad braver, though!

Well anyway, we got past the puffs of air and the reading tiny letters etc and then we get to choose trendy glasses, you remember when glasses were like really thick rimmed in the 80s, you know the big fat NHS versions? Well, they are a tad nicer looking now, who needs designer ones anyway with these little beauties I mean I don’t fancy doing a Dame Edna Everage impression – Sorry Possums!

So before the selfies, come the spectacle choices, I have two pairs you see, there are the required ones for the distance which are my purple ones, and then there are the everyday ones which are blue, frames that are, not lenses.

everyday reading glasses

Everyday reading using the computer lenses

marie glasses for distance

To use for distance, like reading things a long way away and watching the TV a long way away

You see this all came about because Sharon said I was blind, firstly I couldn’t read a number plate at a distance I should have and then secondly I didn’t see a Geocache that was right in front of my nose, so I promised I would book an eyesight appointment so well I did and now I have to walk around like Harry Potter.

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