Crochet Star

For over a year now I have been subscribed to Bella Coco (aka Sarah Jayne), her tutorials for crochet projects and other art and craft projects are worth a follow/subscribe.

I have made various items, including Christmas stockings, Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars, granny squares, hexagons and now a crochet star blanket.

Present project is the star blanket which starts off with a crochet puff star

I spent a long time on Saturday, this past weekend, going from six rounds to having a total of 16 rounds of the blanket.

Today I have been window shopping on whether to purchase more yarn from Amazon or from our local independent stockist, so far the independent is winning as it is closer, I will save on postage and may get more yarn for my budget.

Crochet star, the beginning

February 19th the star begins.. 6 rounds…

Crochet Star take 1

March 3rd a total of almost 10 rounds

crochet star take 2

13 may be unlucky but this is showing up to the 13th round.

Now presently on my 17th round and debating whether to change colour, decisions decisions… watch this space! Presently working with Stylecraft special DK cabaret blue ocean.


19th round.

19 Rounds and counting

When I had a long crochet session on Saturday, I was asked… “who is it for? is it for charity?” The answers being me, and no it isn’t for charity, every now and again I crochet some squares and I donate some to a charity, I very rarely complete an artistic project or get anything the way I would like so seeing this progress so largely, I would like to keep it as a proud reminder for myself!   One day it may get donated to a grandchild or even great grandchild, you never know.

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