14 days of Hacking

Well, I have spent the past two weeks being poorly, I hate being poorly, who does like it? I a very rarely ill and when I am it is beyond frustrating as I just get zapped of energy.  Firstly the negatives… two trips to the Docs before being prescribed antibiotics, drinking Buttercup cough syrup and any other liquids I could get my hand on to ease a dry chest to ease a hacking cough.  Having the patience of a gnat, OK, I really don’t have much patience when I am feeling OK.

My Geocaching event last week – gosh a week ago? where does the time go? -went well, around 18 cachers attended, socialised, dropped off trackable etc and I was there basically all day from around 1.30pm until around 9 pm.

Tuesday, on my second visit to town and having to attend the Doctors again, I popped into the opticians to see if my glasses were ready to be picked up, they were, so there we go, I am a spectacled mummy now, two pairs, one for close up and one for distance.

Saturday was a day I was due to watch my niece  and her boyfriend Joe, in a Cody theatrical rendition of Cats (by Andrew Lloyd Webber), accompanying the mother in law, she normally attends these gigs with her other son, yet he is away so her other son, my other half, got to attend, why? Well with my cough having not totally vacated my body I wasn’t up for sitting in a theatre and hacking my head off, thus displeasing a paying audience, so my other half went in my place.  I, however, sat at the outlaws with our daughter and I crocheted through the afternoon, with and without the cat on my knee.

Harvey Cat (March 2016)

This looks comfy so I will just curl up here for a while whilst she crochets and try not to play with the yarn

Harvey Cat (March 2016)

Forget anybody that may need the loo, I will just patter in, jump in the bath and help myself to some tap water.

Harvey 1 (March 2016)

Yeh, Human brought me wool to play with, isn’t she fantastic!

Later on, when the outlaw and other half returned, we ordered a Chinese takeout, we sat playing UNO until it arrived and then sat down and enjoyed our food, even Harvey cat got a chance to nibble on a bit of the leftover too, think he loved his little treat.

Sunday was mother’s day, I received a vanilla candle, a fun loving card and a hanging plaque from our E and a text later on from our lad D, before we went off to my mum and dad’s for Sunday lunch, mash, sausage and veg.  I bought mum some flowers, hand cream and hand wash, which she was pleased with and we stayed there until around 5 pm before coming home and what a delight that was as we travelled back towards Ladderedge, a lovely owl swept low over the road and into a field, gorgeous cream and beige colours.  We haven’t seen an owl so close up for some years now.

Today? Well, today is Monday, bunnies fed and watered, kitchen tidied a fair bit, rubbish emptied and then sat upstairs adding more stitches to my crochet star blanket, before having lunch and watching Drew and Johnathan set about another restoration project on TV.  (Dream home program I enjoy, where two twin brothers, one Realtor and one builder create a family’s dream home with the budget they can afford including purchase and restoration and decoration, I love seeing the before and afters!

Tomorrow I am going to check out the wool shop in town, Bibelot, and see what they have to offer yarn wise, I have already been checking out their website for available shades so look forward to tomorrow, hopefully, I can get myself a couple of yarn balls and save money by not purchasing through Amazon.

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