Strawberry lemonade with a twist

Another Pinterest Favourite, this time from ‘Recipe for Perfection’, a refreshing, sweet (and tart) strawberry lemonade smoothie, great for summer refreshments and if you want to spice it up then like me edit the fruit, for me, I chose 1 cup strawberries and 1 cup watermelon, switch it around with your fruits to use which you prefer.

Jazz it up if you want it to be a cocktail and add your favourite spirit, I may try this with 1/2 cup lemonade and 1/2 cup Smirnoff lime vodka at some point.

It could easily make 4 servings yet I use my Breville Blend-Active large drink containers and the drink can last me a while.

Original Ingredients below!

Vegan * Gluten Free * 4 Servings


  • Frozen strawberries
  • Ice
  • Lemonade

Blend up

  • 2 cup of strawberries
  • 1 cup of lemonade
  • 1 cup of ice

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